6160-04 City & Guilds Level 3 award in control entry and arrangements for confined spaces


The aim of this unit is to reflect the national occupational standard for controlling entry and arrangements at a confined space. This unit covers both water and non-water industry areas.

Water: this may include working with potable water, sewage treatment processes, drain and sewer cleaning operations, or where the operative is working in or near water, or where a confined space is subject to surface water flooding.

Non-water: this may include pharmaceutical, petrochemical, asbestos removal, vehicle manufacture and servicing, aeronautical, construction, communications, power, utilities gas, electrical and mechanical engineering and some elements of work operations in mines, quarries and tunnelling.

This unit is for the entry controller/top person who controls entry and arrangements for high risk confined spaces without entering them. It includes the duties of an entry controller, pre-entry procedures, entry into and exit from the high risk confined space, maintaining communications and initiating and controlling emergency procedures.

Course Content

  • Implement procedures for teams working in high risk confined spaces.
  • Control safe entry and exit to the high risk confined space.
  • Monitor the work team to ensure procedures are followed.
  • Control emergency situations.
  • Understand health and safety and environmental legislation.
  • Understand standard protocols for work in high risk confined spaces.
  • Understand entry controller duties and responsibilities.
  • Understand equipment checks and testing required.

More information

Direct observation of an entry into a realistic simulated confined space.

Written exam.

Course Prerequisites:

Candidates must be medically fit to undertake the training and will be asked to self-certify during the induction.

Candidates must not exceed 140kg (22 stones) in weight as this is the current maximum user weight for the fall protection equipment that will be used during the training.

Course Dates

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Course Duration

2 days


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