Rescue Team

Confined Space Entry & Safety Management

Our experts will manage your project from start to finish, covering pre-project planning all the way through to project debriefing once the job is complete.

Confined Space Accompaniment

If your engineers are not confident in their skills to work in the Confined Space independently, one or more of our specialists will accompany your team whilst the work is carried out.

Confined Space Rescue

Should an emergency situation arise, and a rescue be required, our specialists will be onhand with the required equipment to conduct not only a quick, but most importantly a safe, rescue.

‘Top Man’ Service

One of our experts will be the ‘overseer’ of the Confined Space access and egress and will be responsible for the monitoring and recording of the project readings/reports from start to finish.

Compiling Safe Systems of Work

Our specialists will be responsible for completing the Safe Systems of Work paperwork prior to the project commencing.

Compiling Risk Assessments

Our experts will be responsible for completing the required risk assessments prior to the project commencing.

What do I need to do next?

If you would like us to act as your competent source of practical health and safety advice or to discuss our support in more detail…