Temporary Works co-ordinator


This two-day course is designed to assist those on site who have or are about to have responsibility for managing temporary works.  The course seeks to improve the knowledge of this role and the temporary works environment. The main aim is to focus on the process of co-ordination of temporary works.

The course gives emphasis throughout to the importance of communication, co-ordination, co-operation, and competency (the ‘4Cs’), risk management, safety, and business relations. Allowing the Temporary Works Co-ordinator (TWC) to:

  • Understand the need for and duties of a TWC
  • Understand the role of others
  • Have a detailed knowledge and understanding of BS5975 in respect of this role

Course Content

  • The need for and duties of a TWC
  • The other key roles involved in temporary works
  • The use of BS5975:2019 in relation to the role
  • Typical documents used in temporary works
  • Other legislation and guidance that interact with temporary works
  • The importance of the 4Cs: communication, co-ordination, co-operation and competence
  • The need for risk management

More information

Teaching and assessment

Assessment at the end of the day: multiple choice and free text questions. You need to pass this to gain your certificate.

Qualifications you gain

Certification for this course is valid for 5 years. To remain certified in this area, you will need to take the 1 day Refresher course (TWCTC-R) before the expiry date.

Course duration

2 days of training

Successful completion of this course on its own does not confer competency as a TWC. This comes from an assessment of skill, knowledge, training and experience by the senior company person making the formal TWC appointment.

Course Dates

26th & 27th February

Course Duration

2 days


To book places on any of the dates above please call 01462 676444 or email mail@safetymundo.com
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