Working At Heights Awareness 1/2 Day


This course is aimed at personnel who work in any place (including a place at or below ground level from which a person could fall) Obtain access to or egress (includes ascent and descent) from any place while at work.

What will I learn?

To ensure delegates have the knowledge to assess the place of work together with the work to be done and implement appropriate workplace precautions.  They will understand the differences between preventive, protective, collective and personal control measures including guardrails, restraint and fall arrest equipment together with the necessary emergency arrangements that must be in place.  Each delegate will be shown how to examine and store personal protective equipment.



Course Content

  • The working at height regulations and associated legislation
  • Working in various locations and conditions including roof work
  • Risk assessments of hazards when working at heights (Planning in advance)
  • Anchor points – physical checks – harness and anchor points
  • Use of harness and lanyard whilst working at heights including
  • Donning harnesses, inspection and defect identification of equipment
  • Minimum free space MFS
  • Identification of various types of ladders
  • Correct handling and storage procedures
  • Mobile Towers
  • Safe working practices
  • Manufacturer of equipment to BSEN standards.
  • Fragile materials
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Suspension trauma

More information

This course is also available as a Private / In-house course on a date of your choosing. Please contact us on 01462 676444 for further details.

Course Dates

9th July @ 1.30pm
14th August @ 8.30am
13th September @ 1.30pm
21st October @ 8.30am
19th November @ 1.30pm
16th December @ 8.30am

Course Duration

0.5 day


To book places on any of the dates above please call 01462 676444 or email
Where one of our team will be happy to help.